Boundary Dam - Spillway no. 2 Dissolved Gas Modifications Boundary Dam spillway modification project was completed in the Fall of 2014 just north of Metaline Falls, WA. The project consisted of Drilling 80 plus feet into the bedrock below the spillway and installing mulitstrand post tension anchors. Included stainless steel roughness elements and ramps on spillway surface. Due to the location of the project a safety/containment wall had to be installed around the end of the spillway to prevent any person or items falling 200 plus feet to river bed below.
Replacing Spillway slab at 25 degree angle
Deyo Dam - Spillway Construction Deyo Dam was a new dam spillway project in Weippe, Idaho to provide water contol for the newly created Deyo Lake impoundment. The cast in place structure was sloped in excess of 25 degrees making the concrete pouring operations challenging.
Completed section of spillway
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